Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update? Could you do it more often? Currently I add a new page every Tuesday. After aspiring to produce pages faster than this for some years, I've come to accept that it's really not very plausible.
What's a 'doujinshi'? The western adoption of this Japanese term almost always refers to comics based on an existing work. The actual meaning is a little more general - see this entry on the wikipedia for more details.
What is Space Channel 5 / Devil May Cry? Video games! I've summed up all you need to know about them on the characters page.
What's with Chapter 0? How many chapters will there be? Chapter 0 was a warm-up so I could try out the techniques I plan to use; it also serves as a self-contained introduction to the characters. The whole thing encompasses the plot-archs of the games Space Channel 5 and Devil May Cry; there are 10 chapters in all.
Who are you anyway? I'm Tim Mannveille, I previously worked on Neosaka and my deviantart page is here.
Why Devil May Cry and Space Channel 5? These are two of my favourite games, largely because of Dante and Ulala. I think Dante is very much a man's man's man, whereas Ulala is a man's woman's woman; since I'm a guy, this makes them polar opposites from my perspective, and so it seems like it would be fun to put them both in a comic.
What do you use to make the comic? I pencil a page on some crummy A4 paper, then use a lightbox to do the inks on a piece of A4 70gsm Goldline markerpad paper. I then scan that in to Photoshop Elements 7.0, and from there do all the cleaning, shading, frames, text etc to make the finished product.
Will you be selling a physical copy of the finished comic? The plan was to self-publish each chapter as it is completed and make these available from the fine folks at Orbital Comics, and in other ways if it proves necessary. This hasn't really happened. Sorry!
Some other question you haven't covered! Please post any further questions on the forum, or e-mail me at
paranoptimist-devilmaydance 'at'
I bet you haven't really received any questions at all! True! 'Frequently Asked Questions' is just a convenient and widely understood term for a section like this,
Where are people linking to this comic from?

Straying even further from the proper 'FAQ' format, I'm going to list here the various places that, usually because of something I've put there, link to this comic. This seems to be good form, and indeed in at least one case is required.